• Image of Small 'A' clothes rail in green

A compact 'A' clothes rail. The rail works perfectly both as a clothes rail for children and a shorter rail for adults. The full size 'A' clothes rail and the small 'A' rail also look great together creating a fun his and her's wardrobe for a couple - short rail for shirts and a tall rail for dresses. Includes detachable pole for hangers and a shelf for shoes and bags.

All &New products are manufactured in Britain in small batches. They have plenty of character as every weld is different. The result is a collection of furniture that celebrates those little imperfections that make objects beautiful.

Measurements: approx. 60cm wide, 50cm deep, 136.5 cm high.

Worldwide delivery available.

Mirka and Jo
&New - Modern British Furniture

A Clothes Rail Community Registered Design Number: 002391805-0001/002391805-0002